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Our updated visual identity –

At Blackdot we’ve always considered ourselves a challenger brand, particularly in how we engage with our clients. We felt that our visual identity needed to evolve to also convey this.

Ben Frederiksen

Ben Frederiksen

Managing Director, APAC

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Ben Frederikson

Managing Director, APAC

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Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

I am very passionate about innovation and growth and this podcast provides great insight and inspiration!

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Originally written back in 1936 and still incredibly relevant today. This book reminds people about people.


A great source of open, authentic and practical insights from entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum of topics

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Masters of Scale, an original podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman

Masters of Scale is hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and investor at Greylock. In each episode of this original podcast, Reid explores how great companies grow from zero to a gazillio…

So, what’s changed? To stand out in an industry that is conventionally cold, reliant on complexity, and focused on fear – we updated our look and feel to become more approachable, straightforward, confident and progressive. Using our value proposition as a foundation, we created a set of design principles to inspire the visual direction of our brand.


Wordmark – 

A cornerstone of our identity – the Blackdot logo – is a symbol of trust, quality and a key identifier to our customers.

We evolved our wordmark to become more contemporary and progressive, by adjusting the weight and spacing, creating sharper terminals, and ensuring consistent colouring.


Typography – 

Typography plays a vital role in the blackdot identity system. We use a confident, approachable and elegant typeface to effectively communicate with our clients.

This brand refresh provided the opportunity to select a font family that both contrasts and compliments the Blackdot logo – combining the geometry featured with rigid elements.


Colour – 

Refreshing the Blackdot colour palette was a core component of this visual uplift and required flexibility across both digital and printed assets.

Our new palette consists of a range of muted colours. Toning down the legacy Blackdot orange, and adding a suite of tints and warm greys, has increased our brand approachability, without sacrificing confidence.


Graphics – 

Iconography plays a key role at Blackdot to add visual interest and simplify information, making it more accessible.

Given the presence of icons across our content and deliverables, we took this opportunity to refine their appearance, by adding white space and reducing detail – creating elegance. We also developed a set of distinctive symbols, allowing us to own the 5 key pathways we believe enterprises can take to achieve growth.


Imagery – 

Imagery provides a powerful opportunity to create a lasting impression. We wanted to stand out in an industry that is flooded with cliché concepts.

Our approach is driven by authenticity. Using real photography and moving away from abstract representation, allows us to demonstrate the intricacy and detail which sits behind our thinking.


Bringing it all together – 

The elements of our visual identity work together in harmony to engage our clients in an approachable, confident and progressive way.

We pride ourselves on delivering a unique experience to our clients and the Blackdot Community. By refreshing our appearance, we’re now able to convey who we are, what we do and how we do it – in a more Blackdot way.


Commenting on this rebrand, Blackdot’s Head of Marketing, Shiana Gunasekera said:

Introducing the outcomes-based implementation model was a significant and exciting change for Blackdot – so we felt that it was important to update our visual identity to also reflect the experience which we strive to provide clients. We’ve been through several rebrands over our time to keep up with evolving customer needs, and they’ve always been a great catalyst to really stop and think about how we’re different from competitors. Given our strong partnership focus, we chose to challenge consulting industry conventions by embracing a cleaner look that is grounded on being approachable, confident and progressive.


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