Adapting our values
for better partnering

Driving lasting customer-centric growth lies at the core of who we are, and what we do. This has always been our purpose, however, 18 months ago we evolved how we engage with clients – moving from traditional deliverables, to a shared commitment to driving real-world outcomes.

Given the significant changes to our engagement model, we felt that it was important to evolve our company value descriptions – taking them from being internally-focussed, to truly reflect how we work with clients, while ensuring the essence remained the same.

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Shared Growth

When our clients, their customers and our team experience lasting growth, Blackdot is doing its job. Growth is the state that energises us collectively and as individuals – and we don’t stop working until we achieve it.

Growth (before)

Nothing stimulates individuals or businesses like growth. It’s the lifeblood of dynamic organisations and what Blackdot is all about.


We conduct our work to the highest internal standards, and we’re proud of the outcomes we achieve alongside our clients. The expectation of quality is a defining trait of every one of us at Blackdot.

Quality (before)

We set the bar high because quality counts. We take great pride in being precise, compelling and understood.


Respectful and constructive challenge is not only the surest path to positive change, but it’s something we find exhilarating. We embrace it personally and enjoy tackling difficult problems on behalf of our clients.

Challenge (before)

Clients only ever engage us to help them go further or faster. We push ourselves and challenge clients because the numbers don’t lie and results matter.

Be Real

Genuine relationships are founded on trust. Blackdot’s commitment to fact, transparency, independence and straight talk is the mainstay of the many client partnerships and working relationships we enjoy.

Be Real (before)

We’re independent and straight-talking. We call it as it is, and that’s the way our team and our clients like it. We believe in keeping it real.

Work Smart

Working hard is only half the battle. We apply personal experience, knowledge and innovation to plot the shortest path to shared growth. We question. We push. And we’re open to ideas from unexpected places.

Work Smart (before)

Our clients bring us complex situations to solve but we’re resourceful people who work smart. We’re always on the lookout for the most direct path to the best outcome.

Love Your Life

People are at the heart of what we do. A diverse and happy team gets the best results and that makes Blackdot an inspiring place to work. We’re all supported to integrate work into our lives in our own way.

Love Your Life (before)

We’re all different and encouraged to be ourselves and to love life. We’re supported to best integrate our work into how we choose to live our lives.

Commenting on this renewed focus, Blackdot’s CEO, Marty Nicholas said:

Our clients want far more than specialist expertise and a commitment to driving business outcomes from us. They want to ensure that their people are having great experiences, getting hands-on with new ways of working, and building the confidence to operate self-sufficiently. As a firm, how we work is fundamentally grounded on our shared values we’ve made a conscious effort to elevate these so our clients can get a feel for what to expect when working with Blackdot.

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