Supporting Leaders
Through COVID-19

The global pandemic has caught many organisations by surprise – disrupting their customer experience, and highlighting a combination of demand, supply and operational challenges.

Blackdot is committed to supporting leaders to navigate these uncertain times, through a series of actionable insights for enduring the pandemic and setting-up for growth beyond.

There are three phases of activity that each business must go through, to anticipate the market downturn and bounce back. Organisations need to respond; keep employees safe and the business running, reconfigure; survive the downturn and position the business for the rebound; where enterprises look to accelerate growth.

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Over the last month, we’ve gathered perspectives from Health Science leaders globally to understand how they’ve responded to COVID-19; keeping employees safe and the business running – along with the steps they’re taking to reconfigure; to endure the downturn and set-up for the rebound.
The recent disruption caused by COVID-19 has irreversibly accelerated the need for change within the Health Science sector. With physical sales resources being sidelined and face-to-face access constrained – implementing a seamless and personalised digital engagement model as become mission critical.
While the disruption at hand is very real, it has also accelerated the need for change. Health Science organisations in particular, are faced with a unique opportunity to leverage the current momentum and fast-track their omni-channel maturity.
Blackdot’s Executive Director, Client Solutions Abhik Sengupta was delighted to speak with Matthew Lumsden Principal, Head of Distribution at Vanguard, to discuss the customer, employee and operational shifts they’ve made in response to the crisis.
Most Health Science companies have already responded to the immediate implications of COVID-19. They are now positioned to view this situation as a catalyst for accelerating the transition towards an omni-channel engagement model.
A deep dive into the ‘no regrets’ decisions under each of the 4 strategic approaches, which will enable you to maintain resilience through the downturn and prepare for growth ahead.
The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world that we operate in; sales teams need effective managers to steer the ship through stormy waters with a focus on customer-centricity and individual wellbeing.
An interactive guide to help you identify the ‘no regrets’ decisions you must take now depending on how your organisation has been impacted by the crisis.
This virtual session dives into the the impact of COVID-19 depending on industry and omni-channely maturity – and the key shifts you must make to successfuly set your business up for the future.
With many organisations having responded to the immediate challenges presented by COVID-19, it is now critical to shift focus toward reconfiguring the business in preparation for the inevitable rebound. Marty Nicholas shares his reflections and what to keep in mind as you move into the next phase.
Depending on whether you’re disadvantaged, advantaged or somewhere in between – we’ve identified four strategic approaches that will ensure you survive the current circumstances and are set up to thrive beyond.


A virtual discussion to explore the fundamental principles you must focus on to ensure the impact on your customer is minimised, and the opportunity for meaningful engagement is maximised.
During this precarious time, we’re committed to leveraging our digital capability and customer transformation experience to provide assistance to you. Blackdot’s Managing Director, Marty Nicholas is pleased to share our support package.
In response to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, this executive guide explores how you can continue supporting your customers while safeguarding the business through the pandemic.
The world is in the midst of a health crisis – the scale of which we have never before been exposed to in our lifetime. Here at Blackdot, it is important for us to be proactive and have a plan of action to ensure that the immediate needs of our clients, employees and the greater community are being met.

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We understand that each organisation will be impacted differently by the current circumstances – if you have any specific questions, we’re here to help.

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