Leveraging current momentum to accelerate omni-channel maturity in Health Science

Wednesday 6th May 2020
12.30pm – 1.30pm BST


Mark Taylor

Managing Director, EMEA

Dirk Abeel

Global Medical Sales Director
Reckitt Benckiser

Lars Meincke



This event has now passed.

I’m sure every leader in the Health Science industry would agree that the environment we are operating in right now  has completely changed. HCP preferences have evolved significantly over the last few years, however,  the COVID-19 situation has meant that existing methods of engaging (with an over-reliance on face-to-face channels) have been made not only ineffective, but completely redundant.

While the challenges presented by the pandemic are very real – the Health Science sector in particular is faced with a unique opportunity to capitalise on the situation by fast-tracking omni-channel capabilities. This is a pivotal moment in time for Health Science organisations – things are changing out of necessity, meaning some of the barriers toward digital that existed before the pandemic, have become much less of an issue now.

So, what does a best-practice omni-channel engagement model look like, and how do you get there?

Join us on 6 May as we explore the:

  • Benefits of omni-channel and lessons that can be applied from other industries
  • Customer, channel, capability and operating model shifts Health Science organisations must make
  • Effective engagement principals that ensure you’re meeting HCP, employee and institutional needs